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Did you know that having bad credit can cost you and your family some serious cash over your lifetime? A bad credit score can cause you to lose hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year. But here is some good news for you. Sunrise Credit Consulting has helped hundreds of individuals and families overcome their financial challenges by repairing their credit.

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At Sunrise Credit Consulting, we are committed to providing our business partners with an optimum credit repair, credit education, debt recovery and credit management service. We understand the problems and the negative impact associated with having a poor credit score. This can have a very negative impact on your financial health and can result in loan application rejections, higher interest rates and more bad news for you. That's why hundreds of people have turned to us, to help fix their credit and improve their credit scores.

Sunrise Credit Consulting will work around the clock to help remove negative items from your credit report, items such as foreclosures, late payments and repossessions.

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Why Choose Us

• Credit Professional and Experts

We are known by our clients to be experts in fixing and helping you raise your credit scores, as quickly as possible. We have a team of experienced credit repair consultants prepared to assist you all the way, helping to repair and maintain your good credit score.

• Get your credit progress monitored 24/7

At Sunrise Credit Consulting, we'll help you repair your credit score by monitoring your credit progress and disputing inaccurate items on your credit reports. This will help you focus on what's truly important to you; reaching your financial goals so you can live a better life.

• Credit Management Services

Our credit experts will review your personal credit history and advise you accordingly, to help repair and improve your credit. They will work with you to come up with a personalized plan, best suited to your financial needs. They will even let you know how long your repair process will take.

• Achieve maximum results

At Sunrise Credit Consulting, our job is to help our clients rewrite their credit history, to lift their credit score up to where it needs to be. We make the most of the credit industry's insights and techniques, to help you gain the confidence needed to buy that car you've always wanted, the home of your dreams or just get your existing mortgage refinanced at a lower rate. Whatever your choice, having good credit will surely improve your life.



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We are proud to be your number one choice, where you can get answers to your credit questions and get your credit fixed in no time. We have the experience you need to take control of your future.

Get the best credit tips, advice and plans to make the most of your credit score today. Stop letting bad credit hinder your success. Start getting results within a few days.

Don't let a low credit score interrupt your life any further. When you're looking for credit assistance, let the highly trained professionals at Sunrise Credit Consulting help you, with proven methods and the solutions needed to identify your individual financial needs. Let us help you determine the best action plan to get you out of debt. Contact us now, for a free no cost consultation.


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